Original the Collection: Do not Steel.

Eh, I lost motivation to complete this comic so I’ll just post this like this. A

Also Murasa sure has to put up with some shit of Nue from time to time huh.

EDIT: Added link to the original picture because tumblr compression is dumb.


Photos from this year’s Otakon (Only took me two weeks to finally post them… >__>)

My husband (Damaged927) and I in our obligatory Kantai Collection cosplay. I went as Kirishima and he went as an Admiral (Yes, his nameplate actually says “Teitoku” XD)

That “thing” on his head is Harukasan. His love for her almost rivals his love for Naka.


How to Pack Luggage?




I still think about this comic a lot.


Translation : if it’s not Makoto, it’s meaningless


Mikage has been added to the Characters page in the official page.

It’s natural. If it’s for Rei’s sake, I will do anything.


Age: 17 Height: 1,58m

A visitor from the “Inside World”, Leader of “Dominant”.

He has tremendous magic powers, and no one can make a fool of him.

He went to the “Outside World” with his fellow comrades to find his younger brother, Rei.

And I don’t know how to word the last sentence, it’s something about the gun he uses.